Vashiakran Mantra

To Sensetise/desensetised feet

Wherever you may be sitting, write the figure ‘27’ with finger on the inactive organ it will get activated. This is verified and tested.To dispel damaging impact of Chaturathi When moon is sighted suddenly on the 4th day of Bhandon month (August-September) the viewer will certainly be charged with theft and defamation. In order to dispel such acquisitions read the following lines 7 times mentally.Mantra to dispel ill effect when a cat intersects one’s path.If this mantra is pronounced mentally seven times, it will dispel/avert the impending hurdles. It is a fact that if a cat intersects your path, when you are proceeding to achieve a specific purpose, the desired result cannot be had, because where one wishes to reach, either there is some feud in the family or some mental agony sets in. This is a verified and tested method.

Mantra to beget Wealth Inscribe on 108 ball tree’s leaves on each day during the month of Shravan; sanctify the leaves with mantra and then offer at lord Shiva’s idol for 31 consecutive days. This experiment enhances wealth, relieves agony of disease and obstacles, profession progresses. This is also a tested mantra. This is an infallible and unique mantra for persons in employment and also for middle class people.

Mohini Vashikaran Mantra Service Mohini vashikaran mantra service is for to attract an important person you love, to transport your beloved underneath your control in hand, to attract an important person you love and control she or he mind, get the collaborator of your preference. Mohini vashikaran mantra service concentrate the energy of your mind impression to influence the man or woman of your imaginings and within a period of 24 hours attracts him or her towards you and this mantra is also provide to back your ex lover after breakup by pundit vikas shastri. If you're devoted to is true you will see the result from the first to two day itself. The authenticity is, the people still love each other, a come apart up does not make the love fade away. But when they realize they still love each other person, they think it is too late and they cannot get back in my life with the ex again, and so they choose the easy way out, and move on.

What Is Vashikaran And What Is Vashikaran Services?

Vashikaran Was Made By Two Words. ‘Vashi’ Or ‘Karan’. Here is 'Vashi' means to Attract' to Desired Person and control him or her mind. In other words, it called to bring a particular person under your control In hand. The second word 'Karan' specifies the technique of performing it as laid down in ancient science. So ‘Vashikaran’ Means that you attract someone and control someone for a life time.Vashikaran is a way where you can get the final destination without any type problems. After making ourselves in touch with Vashikaran, we have our future predications in our hand. Without thinking about our any types problems, we can get the sweetest or effective response from pundit vikas shastri ji services. We are well known with the name of the world best or famous astrologer. Our organization is giving the transparent or genuine results.
Why We Do Vashikaran Services?

1. Vashikaran Services For Control Your Lover: It will help you to control your desire love. It produces positive energy that makes your lover mind positive for you. Your lover will attract to you in just few times by astrologer vikas shastri.
2. Vashikaran Services For Control Your Wife: When you see your innocent wife always make angry with you. She doesn’t understand you and never talk to you. She involves always in kids or another work. She does always use her phone to talk with person for a long time with happiness. Never give time to you then you can use Vashikaran Services. It will help to produce happiness in your happy marriage life.
3. Vashikaran Services For Control Your Husband: When you see your husband always busy in his office work and he has no more interested in you. Even he is not talk to you with happiness or willingness and you always see his mode is too angry. It time to wake and Control his mind by Vashikaran services. You always consult our famous Vashikaran services expert astrologer vikas shastri ji. He will help you and he will do work for you.

Husband and Wife Problem:

Huband and wife love relation & Family Problem in itself are nothing unusual as what occurs even in the best families.Exactly when you feel the questions can be answered no family problem but usually ends so that everyone leaves the room angry and hides.With the help of best knowledge about astrology,tantra mantra black-magic he knows how to get to the below of a marital issue and family problem, and best help in accordance with his understanding of the issue is offered.If that is the case, like looking for help and consider how to improve the situation handling in the family.

Core Values

Black Magic Speacialist:

Balck Magic Specialist Vikas Shastri Ji Black Magic Specialist is the most powerful of all forces under a mysterious black magic specialist in force.he is well knowledgeable person with black magic service for doing on someone else ,with the black magic you can do every things for you ,If you have a problem with your relative or friends or family and use black magic technique.Black magic specialist knowledge of the person that actually makes a person incapable of using the mind and puts the intelligence brain of the person seems a kind of mental block.


Vashikaran Specialist will watch the planet and earth position in your birth chart.Vashikaran is based on the various mantras that are mainly used by tantriks. These mantras can be used for a variety of problems such as attracting a person, impressing and attracting the people we meet, getting enemies under control.he vashikaran mantra for love helps you to get your love back. Vashikaran mantra for love is very useful but it should be used in the right way, otherwise it can be harmful to you.